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In most cases, these are preventable and treatable, but due to lack of knowledge most people suffer from disability and lot of pain.

Both in men and women after fourth decade of life bone density decreases due to hormonal changes.

Knee joint pain and backache especially in the lumbar region is a very common problem.

Almost every one suffers from these problems in life either because of unhealthy lifestyle or some disease.

Every second, two people celebrate their 60th birthday. Henry is 85 and lives in a neighborhood that is specially designed for elderly people.

Through their research and the resulting products, Bayer’s experts are helping the growing group of senior citizens live a life that is as active as possible. Henry Cohen is just finishing his first training session. Active senior citizens like him are increasingly common.

A friend of mine who stays nearby mentioned that she had a volunteer accompany her till her children got home.

I joined the day care too and now have a lovely 28-year-old young girl come home and chat with me. I love spending time with her through the weekdays from 9 to 6 in the evening.

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Accordingly, Bayer’s scientists are concentrating on new therapeutic options for conditions such as heart failure, wet age- related macular degeneration, and prostate and lung cancer.

The results of this research could make it possible for elderly people to live an active life for longer.

Joint pain in old age is a major concern that should not be ignored.

However, after most of them passed away, he had nothing to do but watch television at home. I had even considered going to an old-age home, but then my daughter suggested that I check out a day care centre for the aged. While your family members are out for work, you can do a lot of activities there and keep yourself busy."With the rise of day care centres for the elderly, caregivers and family members can breathe a sigh of relief, while their elderly loved one is being looked after by a volunteer and is being offered a chance to get out of the home, socialise and participate in fun activities.

Kishore Shintre, chief relationship officer for one such care centre for elderly in the city says, "We came up with the concept of having a day care centre exclusively for the older generation after we found out that many do not want their parents to live in an old-age home.


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