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the funny part is in that same week i had 3 flat tires on 3 different tires and all had same nails, i don't know if people planted it for me or a coincidence. No respect from neighbors, not stereotyping, but always loud late at night specially with the music. DIRTY, MOLD(mushroom grow inside the apartments) and MICE( caught 3 mice in one week) 7. after browsing and asking people about these apartments, we turned out to host 9 drug dealers. They tell you, you cant get dish network or any type of satellite or antenna. office management never trust them, when you first go to them they are the most welcoming people you will ever meet in your life and make the complex look like a freaking resort in heaven. Find me on FACEBOOK and you will see all photos and bills.If you want to get high you don't need to smoke a joint, walking from the door building to your apartment will do the job. My wife and i had a walk and guess what we saw a lot of dish network around the complex. Search for [email protected] Rental Apart Hi, Find me on FACEBOOK and you will see all photos and bills.In Feb 2016 an apt in my building was set on fire by a man trying to kill his former girlfriend which at that point they finally fixed the lock on the building door.Apartments are not bad they are modern and everything is good when everything works.

Dog poop everywhere OMG gotta look at the ground while walking or you will step in poop or vomit.

The fitness center is only accessible when the office is open.

Plus from talking to other residents they have pestilence, rodent, and bird problems. The staff know that its residents work, so when they have to call for issues and maintenance requests, they are rude.

Children play in the courtyards instead of the park so there is balls and rocks constantly hitting your window.

I have called about the children multiple times but they do not care.


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