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Marshals slump over in the Lyceum, surrounded by cigarette butts and bloody gauze.

''There is no case in history where the Caucasian race has survived social integration,'' he said.Two men, the French reporter and a local jukebox repairman, lie dead. The battle is over, and now a state, a school and a football team have to pick up the pieces. Owner of Ardenland, Arden Barnett is using his more than 25 years of experience in the entertainment business to bring exceptional live music to Fondren.He lost that one, but made enough friends to stage a stronger though unsuccessful run in 1955. He denounced Democratic opponents in the state house as moderates on racial issues and for inviting Federal agents to investigate the lynching of a black man. Barnett finally won the primary and a runoff in 1959 and took the oath of office in January 1960. Barnett ran into trouble with the Legislature, which resented his attempts to monopolize patronage.There was also the discovery that he had spent more than 0,000 to refurbish the Governor's mansion with gold-plated faucet handles on the bathtubs.Duling Hall frequently hosts Ardenland's concerts and serves as a bridge between Fondren's past and future - before becoming a concert venue, Duling Hall was an elementary school, built in 1928.


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