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The victim may have consented to the image creation but will not have consented to it being made public.So if revenge porn wasn't a crime until today, did that mean people could previously share sexual images without the subject's consent?But these laws were poorly tailored to this problem for various reasons and few prosecutions have occurred.Surely this is just a problem for naive teenagers taking selfies in their bedrooms?Mobile phones with cameras are now ubiquitous and so is the internet.

Using 23 rifles and thousands of bullets, he smashed two windows and sprayed bullets down for several minutes at the 22,000 festival-goers down below.This is fast becoming an entrenched part of our culture of sex and relationships, a practice engaged in by huge numbers of people.Further, the problem is much wider than of one victim and one perpetrator.There are trolls who spread the images of people they don't know to embarrass them or just "for kicks".There are also lots of websites dedicated to earning money from the sharing of revenge pornography and this perpetuates demand.The video presents excerpts from an eye- witness's testimony about the attack, from statements by the Las Vegas Sheriff, and from an old recording by British ISIS executioner Mohamed Emawzi, who became known as Jihadi John.


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