Osl dating of sediments from deserts in northern china

Prices in € represent the retail prices valid in Germany (unless otherwise indicated). Prices do not include postage and handling if applicable. Manas Lake is a closed lake basin in northern Xinjiang Province of China, with its current lake bed at 244 m a.s.l.Sediments from the lake area provide valuable information about the paleoenvironmental changes in the Westerlies-dominated arid region.At this period, site A was at or near a paleoshoreline environment.There were no sedimentary records during ~64–48 ka ago and between ~27 ka ago and the recent time at site A (Fan ., 2012).Google Earth image showing the Manas Lake area and two NE-trending faults.Sampling locations for this study (red dots) and for previous studies by Fan et al.(2012) and Wang (2014) (blue dots) are also shown, together with paleoshorelines (white lines). (1996) studied sedimentary cores near the center of Manas Lake, and suggested that there was a humid period during 42–36 ka cal BP, followed by an extreme dry phase during the Last Glacial Maximum.It was also suggested that the climate in the region has become wetter again since ~10 ka ago, but was interrupted with dry phases (Rhodes . 2) on northwestern side of the lake at an elevation of 264 m a.s.l. Based on the OSL ages of lacustrine sediments with variations in depositional facies, they interpreted that high lake levels (higher than site A) existed before ~66 ka ago and during ~38–27 ka ago.

These are compared to zircon U-Pb age spectra from desert and sandy lands surrounding the Loess Plateau.To obtain a chronological constraint on the past changes, optically stimulated luminescence dating was conducted on sediments from the lake beaches.The results show that lacustrine episodes dated at ~80–73 ka ago were recorded in northwestern side of the lake at 270 m a.s.l., while paleoshoreline to near-shore environments during ~80–90 ka ago were recorded in the opposite side of the lake at 262 m a.s.l.The lake level then dropped steadily towards the present, with the lower paleoshoreline (255 m) formed more recently (within the last century) due to a short period of stable lake level (Wang, 2014).Manas Lake became completely dried in 1962, only being recovered occasionally in summer after 1999 (Zhang and Li, 2004).These two periods correspond to the relatively warm and humid period during marine isotope stage 5 (MIS 5) and late MIS 3 respectively.


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