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A major battle occurred between the Nephites and Lamanites at the Hill Comorah in 385 CE.

If the Book of Mormon is true, then there would be certain logical consequences: Studies of the blood types, facial shape, and genetic makeup of modern-day Native Americans would show that they were related closely to the ancient Israelites, and thus to present-day Jews.

He was convinced that the Book of Mormon was an accurate historical document and that it would be relatively easy to uncover artifacts to prove its validity. As each year passed, the Foundation's scientists were unable to find any evidence that would support the Book of Mormon.

The LDS church reorganized the NWAF under Brigham Young University in 1960.

None of these claims has stood up to examination by reputable scholars."With his limited education, the Mormon founder Joseph Smith could not have written the Book of Mormon because its extensive use of Hebraic names and expressions would have been beyond his ability to write."The Book of Mormon [sic] patterns of seasonal warfare, festival celebrations at certain times of the year, religious gatherings, travels, kingship coronations, political turmoil as well as warfare, the keeping of records, natural calamities" all agree with the archaeological record.

"...horned incense burners, models of house types, wheel-made pottery, cement, the true arch, and the use of stone boxes" have been found both in Mesoamerica and the ancient Near East.

He reasoned that if the validity of the Book could be proven, then countless individuals would flock to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS), as the true Christian church.He faced a church disciplinary council on 2002-DEC-8 at which he might have been excommunicated for his beliefs. Similarly, there is no evidence of barley or any other old world plants in North America at that time. One would not expect to find synagogues, because none are known to have existed in the Middle East until after the Babylonian exile - decades after after the second emigration, as described in the Book of Mormon.It was cancelled shortly before it was to have been taken place. Inscriptions: Some Mormons have promoted some records and inscriptions such as the "Bat Creek Stone, the Kinderhook Plates, the Newark Stones and the Phoenician Ten Commandments." All were pious forgeries.The other group, the Lamanites abandoned the beliefs of the Israelites.Because of their unbelief and idolatry, the "Lord God did cause a skin of blackness to come upon them." (2 Nephi ).A popular saying in the field of archaeology is that no evidence of existence is not evidence of non-existence.


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