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“I gave myself a couple minutes and then introduced myself,” Raven says.

“They said they just met, and that’s when I realized it was a triple date.” She’d already ordered a drink, though, so the three women decided to hang out, finish their drinks and later get dinner together elsewhere. Schweiger came back inside and, according to Raven, “continued the conversation as if nothing was wrong.” “At first, I was like, this can’t be real life,” she adds.

Schweiger, a Bloomingdale resident, initially declined to comment on Wednesday afternoon due to a contract he signed with “Inside Edition,” where he appeared on Thursday. (This story has been updated with his comments.) p.m.“And then I was like, this is awkward as hell.” Pylant shared that reaction and, because it’s 2017, decided to start tweeting.She’d already been texting multiple friends about the situation, and Twitter seemed like an easy way to fill more people in.Incorvaia, 25, arrived at the bar after leaving work, as Schweiger had been vague about the specific time.The Arlington resident had matched with Schweiger over the weekend on the dating app Hinge, and he had suggested that they grab a drink sometime.“She’s like, ‘You need to run, this guy’s the worst,’ ” Incorvaia says. Incorvaia texted her friends about the situation and, at this point, lost all faith in dating apps. “I don’t do online dating — just downloaded it this weekend.


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