Itunes library not updating

For example, if you have a live album, i Cloud Music Library may match some of its tracks to studio versions.

It may also match tracks to greatest hits albums, compilations, or even soundtracks.

This usually clears up, though it may take several hours, or more.

If this happens, try updating your i Cloud Music Library.

Since a couple of days ago when I created a second i Tunes library on my Macmy original library (The one that LE is automatically connected to) stopped updating.

But you cannot tell i Tunes which one you want to keep.

So when you play that studio album, you may find that one of its tracks is missing, even though it is in a different album in your i Tunes library, such as a greatest hits album.

While you're still paying for this service — a year — be aware that i Tunes is not mentioning it anymore.

There are some problems you may encounter with i Cloud Music Library.


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