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Once you have made a selection or if you need help with finding the right artist? 2017 still isn't quite over, but so far, there have been plenty of celebrities and public figures who have used their platforms to live their truths and add some much-needed visibility to the LGBT community!

contestant Zeke Smith’s public coming out wasn’t on his own terms (he was outed on national TV back in April by a petty cast member who was trying to save himself from elimination), he has found some good in the experience, teaching people in an op-ed for Shawn Barber, Olympian and Canadian pole vaulting champion, came out as gay in a Facebook post back in April. I continue to grow as a person and have a great support group.Do you think that Kelsey will ever be able to get over it, or is this going to be a friend-breakup for her and Liza?I have a feeling that their friendship and their love for each other is so strong that this is obviously not going to last throughout the whole season, but I think it is going to take a lot of time to get everybody’s trust back.It’s really interesting because nothing sticks around too long in the show because we film so fast and the episodes go by really quickly. That’s something I’m holding on to because I’m Team Josh. I’d like to see her acquire some books that are total shoo-in successes. She’s trying to take chances, but everything has been somewhat of a disaster. A lot happens really quickly, so we don’t dive too deep, but it was fun. It’s so sad what happens when he sees [Liza with Charles], but I think he really cares about her and I feel like they’re definitely not broken up. I mean, I love Charles, I love Peter Hermann, he’s great, but I just feel like Josh has proven himself to be a really good solid guy who cares so much about her and who takes the relationship really seriously. I think that Liza and Charles definitely will have an intellectual relationship, but I like her going out and doing new things and having fun. If Charles hypothetically ever found out Liza’s real age, how do you think he’d react? It was really fun to watch Kelsey explore her single life this season. Molly, who plays Lauren on the show, was like, “Oh my god, her mom needs to be Suzanne Somers.” Well, if anyone could get Suzanne Somers, it’s Darren Star, right?


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