Internasional dating register

Below is also the Prince House Guide Map for your reference.On the day of moving in, you may purchase the bedding items and daily necessities from the convenience and departmental stores nearby. For more detailed information, please refer to Guo Qing Dorm.For more information: Resident Visa The Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) serves as the ID card that proves your resident status in Taiwan.It is a very important document and we advise you to take good care of it and pay attention to its expiration time.For more information: Group medical insurance , National Health Insurance According to the Taiwan regulations, students under the age of 20 are considered to have limited capacity to make juridical acts and must submit a letter of consent notarized by a Taiwanese embassy (or representative office) from their statutory agents or guardians before they are able to open a bank or post office account.However, if international students can prove that they are legally adults in their home country, as verified by a Taiwanese embassy (or representative office), they do not need a letter of consent.Please note that you will not be able to complete the registration procedure during Registration Days, unless you present all the verified documents.In addition, you should have all foreign diplomas and transcripts verified by the Taiwan Embassy/Mission in the country of the institution and show them on Registration Days.

In this group, OIA will post useful information about activities on campus as well as any relevant announcements that you may need to know.For more information: Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) New coming students are required to complete the NTU Health Exam as part of the registration procedure and submit the required forms during Registration Days.For more detailed information and to download the health exam form, please refer to the following files.Bachelor's Degree: Health Exam Instruction , Health Exam Form Master's and Doctorate Degree: Health Exam Instruction , Health Exam Form During registration, all students are insured by general student insurance.However, according to the National Health Insurance (NHI) Act, all foreigners staying in the ROC for more than six months must be covered by NHI.For the first six month before enrolling in NHI, we will automatically process the group medical insurance for you (which is similar to NHI).


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