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Over the weekend, Emma Watson once again reminded us of exactly why we want her to be our BFF by shooting down those pesky Prince Harry rumors.

In case you spent the past few days in a hibernation chamber trying to avoid Oscar madness, Emma and Harry were rumored to be dating.

That’s a big claim…but as noted…many top-tier firms are already paying clients.

So says Alex Vratskides, CEO and cofounder of Persado: Persado’s semantic algorithm utilizes a language parser, machine learning that improves effectiveness from results, and statistics.

This is the perfect combination of tongue in cheek humour, and planting the seed of thought in the viewer’s subconscious.

These are the same tactics renowned swordsmen such as Russell Brand use to ‘ave it off with whomever he wishes.

Pictures say a thousand words so a photo of you on a beach with Sydney Opera House in the background is going to be better than writing ‘I’m just back from travelling, where I found myself, got my stuff stolen at a full moon party and posed next to a drugged tiger…’ If your profile says you are a book worm, a wall flower, one of life’s great mysteries; make sure the photos match that. A/B testing is the concept of trying out several designs/strategies to find the most successful one.

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Image Courtesy: inmannews Now Persado’s computer-driven tool does indeed write copy (yikes to all copywriters out there!

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Image Courtesy: Persado Fortunately (for copywriters), Persado’s program doesn’t craft the entire marketing message…only the random core.

The churned out persuasion piece must still be wrapped in human-driven copy.


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